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A Desensitized Society

Society has become desensitized to certain events that occur daily, and it's time we take a step back to look at the bigger picture. We’ve spent years pushing for police reform to no avail, because people think that a perceived attitude makes a woman culpable. Force is ONLY necessary when an individual poses a threat to the community or officer and excessive force refers to the situation when a government official, including law enforcement, uses force that exceeds the amount of force necessary to resolve a situation.

This post is mainly in response to the now viral video of APD arresting a woman after she refused to sign a citation… allegedly. In many areas, it's illegal to be in parks after they have closed. Not everyone knows this fact, but it is also at the responding officer’s discretion as to whether they want to ask the individual to leave the park, issue a citation, or arrest the individual. It is within an individual’s right to ask questions or for more information about the offense and to also ask for an officer’s name and badge number. In this case, the woman continued to question the officer before “signing” the citation. Granted, had she just signed it and raised the questions later, the situation wouldn’t have escalated. But that is not what happened. The officer also did not have to use that level of force to arrest the woman and I say that it was unnecessary as she was not being belligerent. She was unfamiliar with the area and procedures, since she wasn’t from there. As she was typing the information into her phone, the officer then started to place her under arrest, even though she did state she intended to sign the citation after the fact. Seeing people make statements such as “thats what she gets” “she deserves it” is egregious. There is no instance where a non-violent offense should be treated with force and morally, it's wrong. Once she stated she will sign it, the officer could have exercised discretion to allow her to sign it, instead of using force to subdue her.

If it were you, your mom, your sister, your daughter, would you still use those words ? That she DESERVED that type of treatment? Shocking. It's a slippery slope, and had they have been a different racial dynamic, I can bet my bottom dollar there would be outrage.


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