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Ayo Shawty, Lemme Holla At You For A Sec.

Where do I even begin?

Let's start here. Women DO NOT like to be "holla'd" at. We don't. (Girl 🤨, if you're over here side eyeing that sentence because you like men hollering at you from down the block, please re-evaluate your values.) Look at it this way, if it was your mom, your sister, or your daughter, would you want some stranger yelling after her as she passes by? You wouldn't. (🤨) Your approach to a woman goes a very long way. I know we are in the digital age where people like to find connections online or through social media, but I personally would never date someone I met online or through social media. I'm not shaming it, I just don't like surprises so I prefer the old fashioned way, through natural human contact, which is what this post would be focused on.

Men, when you're trying to court women, you need to have a gentle approach so that you don't scare her. You also need to be able to read her body language to see what kind of vibe she might be on. It would definitely depend on location but let's pretend you are in a bar or a party. Here are some signs to look for.

  1. She's makes eye contact with you multiple times, and is facing your direction often, no matter where you may walk to.

  2. She'll probably smile at you.

  3. SHE WILL WALK UP TO YOU AND SAY SOMETHING. And it could be anything, but many women, even some shy ones, would probably just strike up a conversation starting with "whats your name?"

Personally, if I'm interested in a particular individual, I maintain eye contact. That's me shooting my shot. Catch it.

Essentially, you have to go based on the girl's vibe. It can be a bit catastrophic if you walk up to a girl and you're trying to talk to her and she hits you with the "YOU THOUGHT I WAS FEELING YOU!?" Gauge her body language, if she is showing you signs that she is interested, ask for her name, then maybe even ask where she is from. Let the conversation flow naturally. This also works when you're in other settings, such as walking past a baddie and you just HAVE to get her number. 9/10 she probably noticed you too and would actually stop and engage with you. Court women within your caliber, you'll get better results.


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