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Do You Really Want To Be Single? Or Are You Pretending?

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of people talk about how they enjoy the single life and how they "sleep well at night knowing that no one is cheating on them."

Yeah... okay.

If you really enjoyed being single, you wouldn't be trying to draft your starting players for cuffing season, and you wouldn't always be on a quest for "love". We are warm-blooded mammals... I haven't tuned into the Discovery Channel in a minute, but I think we all crave companionship at some point in our lives. People like having someone they can talk to, come home to, be intimate with, have fun with and even wake up to. They like having that person who supports them in anything that they do, and is there for them when they are at their lowest point, as well as their highest peak. This is not an ad campaign for why you should want a relationship. I'm highlighting the fact that y'all are some liars.

You can say that you enjoy being single for several reasons:

  1. You don't like heartbreak and disappointment.

  2. You aren't in a space mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially for commitment.

  3. You currently enjoy your own company.

  4. You want to focus on yourself and your goals.

I mean... I get it. But it's not synonymous with finding enjoyment in being single. It just means that maybe the right person has not come along yet for you, or that you just really are not ready. It doesn't mean that you don't eventually want to build something with someone. The power of the tongue is strong. Stop using your precious words and vocal ability to spew negative rhetoric. Speak positive words into your life. You're probably cursing your own love life and you don't even know it. When you are ready to open yourself up to someone, your Prince Charming, or your Cinderella, (insert gender non-conforming fairytale character) will be right there waiting for you. (I hope.)

-respectfully, xoxo


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