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Dont Date A Bad B**** If You Can't Handle One.

Here's a scenario. Theres beauty everywhere and it does lie in the eyes of its beholder. You see a girl that is fully confident in her skin and body, she clearly prides herself on her beauty that is inside and out, maybe you wonder if she's single, or why she's single. Regardless, she still gives you a chance to get to know her more. Some time passes, and you're still in awe about how you were able to get lucky with someone like her, but then... you get in your head and start overthinking. You start to feel insecure, and now you question her every move, you start listening to podcasts where men say random "ish" like "If 50 men are trying to holla at her every day, do you think she will say no to each one?" You second guess her, you become upset when she's having a night out with her girls, you start to question her outfits, and now she's done. (Well, I would hope so ladies. 🤨) Which takes me back to my original point. Don't date a baddie, if you can't handle one. Getting with a woman, just to hinder her internal growth and try to keep her locked away sounds psychotic.

If you're not ready to grow with a person, as a secure and emotionally intelligent man, who isn't easily intimidated, then you should probably stay single. Many women, unless otherwise stipulated, like to talk to one person that they are interested in. It makes it easier for both sides to communicate their intentions... and if you want to be exclusive, make that clear. I believe that people need to stop forcing situations that don't work and get with people that you deeply connect with. It helps to eliminate the gray area that hosts the second guessing and insecurities. If you're confident in who you are, there won't be any room for insecurities as it relates to other people or your partner. This requires trusting yourself so that you can start to trust others.



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