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Have You Found Your Soulmate?

I feel like no one really believes in romance anymore. Or maybe I'm a hopeless romantic? A hopeless romantic is someone who still believes in love or the possibility of it, no matter what. In recent years, many people have been opposed to the idea of a soulmate, or a life partner in general. But like... why? My idea of a soulmate is someone you click with naturally. Someone you can have fun with, talk about anything with, crack jokes with, be vulnerable with, cry with... (should I keep going?) Essentially, a partner that is both your lover and your best friend. Someone you can really trust, respect, and build a family or an empire with. Some people believe that you've already met this soulmate in your life, you just don't know it yet.

A soulmate is someone that you feel a deep connection with. Yes, this can be true for a platonic friendship but we are not talking about that right now. The issue is, people in our generation are struggling to find life partners, but its your own fault, I fear. Hookup culture has rampaged through our society worse than when crack hit the streets. Many "relationships" have become transactional, and social media is no help. People often look at what they see on social media and try to compare themselves or their relationship to what they perceive to be "goals" when in reality, what you see is 8/10 not real.

The truth about any relationship is that it has its ups and downs. But don't mistaken that with trials and tribulations (🤣). When you want to find a real life partner, please understand that your principles should align, you should share a common goal, and have alot of respect for your partner and for yourself. I have hope for true love. I see it around me. I feel like everyone will discover their true love at some point in their lives, but please don't be delusional in that process.


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