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How To Know If She Wants You To Spin The Block

This topic is a little complex. Personally, its very rare for me to spin the block on a guy because they need to be left exactly where they had you f**ked up at. For those unfamiliar, spinning the block means "rekindling an old flame". Sometimes people do this because it feels familiar, or maybe they just miss the person. Its very normal and should not be regarded as a shameful act... unless its toxic, then shame on you. I am actually very direct with what I want, or who I want so I would probably tell whoever it is that I'm interested in rekindling things, rather than be indirect. There are many other women who are also the same way. I asked some of my girlies about the more indirect ways that women show they want an old partner to hit them up again. This is only for those who are not blocked everywhere.

  1. Flirting. This sounds so basic but, the alternative is the girl paying you dust.

  2. Doing things to get under your skin. The girlies said they know that if they were to make you a little mad or jealous, it may prompt you to hit them up. Im not sure how well this works, but dont shoot the messenger.

  3. Close Friends. If the girl has you on social media, they would create a close friends circle with just you in it and post a whole bunch of images that would prompt you to send that message... allegedly.

  4. Subliminals. The girls may post relatable memes that send a message, or messages in their stories that you would understand, that would prompt you to send a message.

You can either sip that tea or spit it out, but many girls use those tactics in hopes that you may catch the indirect signs. Many other girls such as myself would be more direct and send a message or call. I guess it all depends on the type of girl. Some situations should be left alone without rekindling, however if you did not leave off on a sour note, and maybe the external circumstances weren't the best at the time, then giving things another try should not be a problem. You never know where it may take you.


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