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How You Gonna Win When You Ain't Right Within ?

Vibes and energy doesn't lie. As long as you're not oblivious and naïve, it's very easy to pick up on a shift in someone's behavior toward you.

Life hits like a ton of bricks sometimes. There are people who may carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, there are those who experience loss, people who may be experiencing stress and pressure to perform/excel in their current position, there may be people who feel as though they are not doing enough to further themselves, and there are also those who are happy-go-lucky with no current life stressors. Everyone's life and circumstances can change at any moment, for the better, or for worse. There are instances where I may have all of those scenarios happening whether all at once or at alternating times. When the former happens, I can shut down because it becomes too much for my brain to process, and then... I go into isolation so that I can better myself, or I find some form of coping mechanism. (Its usually either music, or comedy, or both. Your girl loves to laugh and she loves the tunes. Idk what to say.) The point here is, I start to focus on myself, and control what I am able to control.

When you get into this space of internal development, which would lead to your eternal growth, it's important to have people around you that encourage you and motivate you. There is no room for selfish individuals who make everything (that has nothing to do with them) about themselves. Like dang shawty, read the room. And yes, this includes close friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and even family. If I'm working on me, I can not have the energy to host your emotions as well (I don't mean this statement as far as "being there for one another" I mean those who literally get mad at you because you're going through things and don't want to hear them complain about their taco order getting f$%ked up). Granted you can always make time for anyone, but do that when you have the mental and emotional capacity to do so, however you should communicate that. People who start to change their behavior toward you in a negative way because you are "getting right within" have no place being around you. They may be selfish but baby, it's time for you to be selfish too. Take that time to synchronize your mind and soul, and then get right back in your bag!



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