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Next Callerrr

For some reason people think that you HAVE to move on with another person in order to get over a previous relationship or situationship. I’m here to tell you, that is NOT the way. It could feel as though hooking up with another person is the easiest route to take, to avoid dealing with a heartbreak, because you wont have enough “time” to stop and process your emotions or face your feelings head on. This can be true, however I believe that it does more harm than good. Don’t click off, let me explain:

1. HEAL. Healing is a process that does not happen overnight. Healing is necessary so that you do not carry any unresolved issues or feelings into your next relationship or situationship, because that is a form of sabotage. You need to heal from any trauma that may have happened, whether it's infidelity, abuse (physical, emotional, mental, verbal), or just a incompatible relationship full of heartache.

2. LEARN. Learn more about yourself. You’ve already saw what you like, don’t like, your love languages, what you are looking for, what you are not looking for, potential red flags in a person, or even your own red flags. Listen to your mind and don’t ignore your subconscious.

3. HEALTH IS WEALTH. Your mental health is numero UNO. Isolation sometimes can be your best-friend because you are giving yourself room for growth away from outside influence. And also, get that body right. A lot of people “lose themselves” in a relationship because you’re happy and eating everything, then laying up instead of going to the gym. AHT AHT, GO TO THE GYM. Doing so clears your mind and helps you feel good, and you’ll also LOOK good. We all know that the best revenge is your paper ($$) but looking good is really top 2, and its not #2.

4. RESPECT YOURSELF. This is definitely a no judgment zone, but I won’t elaborate on this one.

The main thing here is, focus on YOU. Elevate yourself, be better, do better, and live better. This certainly isn’t a one size fits all. There are people who find success jumping from bed to bed, but it can get messy when the dust settles, or maybe not. It’s just important to let that hurt go before you begin something new based on bad vibes and trust issues. A shoulder to cry on, does NOT have to be a d*ck to ride on. REST.



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