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Stay Ready So You Don’t Gotta Get Ready

I’m not going to keep talking about motivational topics all the time if you’re wondering, however, in these recent months and years, it seems like thats what people need to hear and its NUFFINNN (Rolling Ray’s voice). There comes a point in my life where I sometimes can’t seem to catch a break, or there’s always SOMETHING negative happening day after day for a week straight. Its like muscle memory for me to just retreat and hide from the world, remove my social media presence, and just stay in my little shell. BUT, while I’m there, instead of moping around with cookies and cream ice cream and drowning myself in tv, sorrow, and vibes (like i always desperately want to do), I figure out a master plan to improve my situation or whatever it is that I’m going through.

Sometimes your problems are enough to make you want to snatch that wig off, and the most annoying thing you can hear is that its “not that serious”, although it can be a breaking point for you when its YOUR last straw… —even if its my belt loop getting caught on a door handle when I’m having a bad day. Whoever said “elevation requires separation” ATE because its true. You need to take time to breathe your own air sometimes. You need to take time to yourself to figure out YOUR master plan. This is so that you can be in a better place than you were a few days ago, or a week or month ago, and setting down the pinkprint to build a better you, so that you can guarantee your own success in the future. Its okay to retreat and take that well needed break from the world, but don’t get stuck there. The world is always in need of you whether you know it yet, or not.


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