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Stop Rooting For Your Friend To Leave Their Man

You look like a hater.

We’ve been here before. Your friend is dating someone you absolutely despise. You have an objective perspective, therefore you can see things that appear to be a red flag but you can not understand why your friend would continue to put up with it. Maybe your friend keeps coming to you, telling you negative things regarding their relationship and thats the only information you have to go on. Baby, let it go. Your friend is confiding in you because you are their friend and they want someone to talk to. Maybe they want someone to talk things out with and make sure 2+2=4 and not 7. Its not up to you to tell anyone when they should walk away from someone, because they will do it when they are ready to. Here’s why you should mind the business that pays you:

  1. You’re driving a wedge between you and your friend.

  2. You have no clue what goes on behind closed doors, only what your friend has told you.

  3. You will look stupid if they continue to choose their partner over your words.

  4. You subconsciously only hold on to the 3 negative things they told you about this person instead of the 20 positive things you were told about them.

  5. Some situations can be rehabilitated and worked out, so leaving isn’t always the right thing to tell someone.

A lot of relationships lack longevity these days because people overshare. People in relationships need to stop oversharing their issues and possibly talk to a professional, rather than people who aren’t relationship experts. Also, Its okay to worry about your friend but stop telling grown people what to do. (Sounds hypocritical because here I am telling grown folk what to do… oh well. Mind your business.) But seriously, mind your business. Be there for your friend because a person leaves when they are ready to. There is usually a hard lesson learned when they do, but let them come to that realization on their own.


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