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Weed Out Negative Spirits

A great woman I know named Imani Evans said “Don’t let the dandelion get too close to the flower”. Dandelions grow as pretty yellow flowers on a bed of grass. Over time, they turn into a white puff that disperse in the wind. They are considered weeds, because they often grow in unwanted areas and can ruin the aesthetic of a manicured lawn. I hope I didn’t lose you yet. You can look at this in one of two ways, and I implore you to explore both options.

  1. A weed can be viewed as a fraudulent plant, or a parasitic plant that competes with other “real” flowers or plants for light, water, nutrients and space in the soil. Friendships and relationships can be viewed as flowers that need nourishment as long as its watered, fed, and getting enough light. However, there can be relationships that turn into weeds, that need to be plucked from the root. These weeds can suck the life out of you until there is nothing left. Though it may not look like it from an objective perspective because its “pretty”, only you will know when its time for it to be removed from your flowerbed.

  2. You can also look at these weeds as the positive components of a dandelion. Yes, it is considered a weed however it has many other benefits, depending on your perspective. Dandelions can be good for your health when consumed. Okay… this is a weird analogy because I am not saying that you should eat the people around you. (😏 depends). Just kidding(😉). But any negative can be turned into a positive because people come into your life for a reason. Everyone has a purpose in life and although someone can be bad for you, that doesn’t mean that they do not add some value whether its a lesson that helps you grow as a person, (like who not to be lol) or a blessing that can manifest in various forms.

One approach is a glass half empty approach, and the other is a glass half full approach. Both equally valid depending on who you are as a person. For each scenario, you should not allow any space for negativity because your life is far too valuable for anyone to keep you down or bleed you dry. You deserve stability. “Don’t confuse a dandelion for a flower, it looks pretty and stable, but one gust of wind, and they always fold” (Imani Evans).


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