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What Do Women Want?

I feel like I should know a lot about this because... you know... I'm a girl. But, I did ask a few girls that I know, about their thoughts on this topic, so that I can remain as unbiased as possible. Often, men and some women think that all women are the same or require the same things as other women that they are familiar with. We do have similar wants and needs but it varies from woman to woman, therefore you really need to get to know the person that you are interested in, in order to make your assessment. I have curated a short list based on the answers that I received, which can apply to many women on a larger scale.

  1. PATIENCE. The concept in itself is broad, but it's simple. Dont rush your partner to the finish line, you have to keep on pace with her by being mindful, being present, and actually listening.

  2. VALIDATION AND REASSURANCE. Girls like to be reminded that you are still there, you're checked in, and aren't going anywhere. Let the "pick me" girls tell it, a girl should be confident enough to know that her man isn't going anywhere. Shut up. Girls want to hear how much you love them, how beautiful they are, how they are the girl of your dreams, etc.

  3. SAFETY. A girl likes to feel protected. Protection from her heart being broken, physical protection from outside forces, and also safety to be her true authentic self.

  4. SEX. Aht Aht. This isn't about you. This is about her. Many men do their thing to get theirs but don't consider the pleasure of the woman, or if they actually "got over the bridge" before you did... news flash, 8/10 of the time, the answer is no. Take the time to please your girl, and do it often... it could lead to less arguments.

  5. ROMANCE. Women LOVE romance. Romance includes everything listed above but a romantic man is also one that doesn't shy away from physical touch, special and spontaneous dates, roses, buying gifts, and even leaving little love notes just because she crossed your mind.

Obviously, all men are different and express their love in different ways, however these are minimum requirements that can cost nothing. Being thoughtful is enough to make a girl smile. Communication is also important, and did not deserve its own bullet point because... please be for real. You are too old to not communicate effectively. This post is generally respective to those looking to get into a relationship, or those already in relationships. Figuring out what a girl wants is not hard, and it can be done by asking the right questions. Some women can't find the words to adequately express what they want, and others want you to play the guessing game. I'm here to help.

*Special special special thanks to Shawn Brielle and Marisa B. Love you.



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