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Why Do Women Get Away With Cheating More Than Men?

Relax. If you don't cheat, then this isn't for, or about you. This also doesn't mean its about me either. I'm just here to provide readers with some unsolicited information. Many people cheat, across genders. However, whats done in the dark always comes to light. Men and women can get away with it for years before their partners find out, but most of the time, women get away with it for longer than men. Why is that? Read below.

  1. Women are sneakier. I don't make the rules. When women find a potential side boo, they probably save their number under something inconspicuous so that it doesn't raise any eyebrows from their partners. They also plot meeting times that align more with their daily schedules so that it doesn't deviate from their routine... again, to avoid suspicion.

  2. Men are easy. You can tell a guy that you have a boyfriend, and his response would be "so you can't have friends?" Which is code for "I'm not worried about your lil boyfriend." Many men do not mind being a side piece because they get the benefits of being with the woman, without the commitment or strings attached. They would help you cheat and help you not get caught by playing their position. Side-chicks on the other hand tend to get a bit more emotionally involved and may even contact or taunt a guy's girlfriend just to let her know "thats why my friend f*cked on yo n*gga AHAA" (Cardi B voice)... hence why men always get caught first.

  3. The relationship may be ending anyway. When relationships are at the end of the road, one or both partners start to become distant. They stop doing things that kept the relationship alive in the first place, stop noticing important mini details, etc. This makes it easier for either party to cheat, but like I said, women are sneakier.

Honestly, if you're going to cheat, just leave the relationship. It makes it easier for both of you, and there is less heartbreak involved. Cheating also causes people to lose trust in themselves, other people, or even future partners if they do not properly heal from that heartbreak. It causes their self-esteem to decrease, and may cause them to second guess themselves, or blame themselves. The cheater is always the selfish loser. If you feel like you have certain urges to cheat in your relationship, talk to your partner to see how you both can work to fix what may be broken or really, just leave.


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