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You Will Always Be The Prize

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally love a chase. There's thrill in getting something that is seemingly unattainable. However, sometimes when you finally catch the thing you’ve been chasing, it doesn’t glisten as much as it did in your pursuit. Slowly but surely, you start to compromise small parts of yourself to keep up with this figure because it still glimmers when the sun shines.

Keep your standards high.

Compromising parts of yourself is only doing a disservice to you and the work you’ve put into yourself thus far. We often applaud fish for swimming, which we should stop doing. There is a bare minimum that “your person” should be doing and you don’t have to keep reminding them of such

, or continuously teach them how to treat you properly. We all deserve happiness and part of this is realizing that people make efforts for those that they want to make an effort for.

Don’t be afraid to let go or walk away.

With love,



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